Welcome to Shropshire Touring & Caravan Park!

Newly created, Willenhall Way is an exceedingly spacious park. There are 25 very large, hard standing pitches, with a lot of space in between pitches. The best Wrexham camping site and dog friendly touring caravan park.

Extra-large deluxe pitches at our touring caravan sites, Shropshire.

Extra-large deluxe pitches and extra-large space between them for added privacy.

On arrival following booking in, the new adventure begins. The Park is entered through the majestic splendor of two mighty great Oak trees, either side of the driveway, guiding you to your pitch.

25 pitches

34 camping pitches

Children play area

New shower block

Pets are welcome


Our Caravan And Camping Park

The location for Willenhall Way, has always been perfect. It nestles on the A495 and is the first farm in England.

The idyllic town of Ellesmere is four miles away. The last farm in Wales, is the farm, where our Willenhall Herd of cows live. Despite the two locations being in different countries, they are neighbours and the best of friends.

“This would make a brilliant Caravan Park”.

This is what the previous owner of our quirky little farm, used to always tell us as our youngstock lived on its land.

Purchased in 2014, We’ve done just that. We started to build the Caravan Park in the late autumn of 2019. Almost throughout the entire build, we have struggled with the effects of Covid 19. During April 2020, our own herd dispersal sale got truly tangled up in it all.

It should have taken 6 months. Instead, it took 2 years and 6 months.

We very much like, what we have built, and we hope sincerely all who come and stay with us, feel the same as we do.

Plenty of space

As previous seasonal caravanners, we wished when we built our park, to offer each tourist more space between each caravan. This we have done with our touring caravan site Shropshire.

None of our 25 pitches, overlook another. They have so much space.

All our pitches, have their own electric hook up, light and water. 

The children’s playground is rather unique.

Two new calf igloos were purchased, to be used as dens and play areas. The beautiful Oak trees, gracefully offer their strong branches for tree swings for the children.

We have enclosed this area, with low telegraph poles for the children or adventurous adults to try walking along, or just for sitting on.

In keeping with the natural freedom of the play park, we completed this area with a sizable mound, with a large tree trunk on top. A perfect ‘watch spot’ for everything Willenhall Way has to offer.

Incredible Pigsty to Shower Block Transformation

Many decades ago, where the pigs and piglets had their home, this building has been diligently converted into the Shower Block, Camping Washroom, Disabled WC and Shower room.

We’re one of few dog friendly touring caravan parks. For all of us dog lovers, we have given our treasured pets, their very own little room, to shower in following a wonderful walk.

Office and shop

Across the patio from here, is the converted hay shed. This has become our Caravan Office. It will also have a small shop, to service the park.

It is our hope, the new veranda, will be a relaxing area, to share a coffee and cake and watch the children play in their special place. You’ll be able to enjoy our wrexham camping sites and treats together!

A huge bonus to Willenhall Way is its very location.

A road sign, ‘Welcome to Shropshire’, sits close to the newly created entrance to our Quirky Park, with a massive heart, in the middle of nowhere, BUT the center of everywhere.

Cows pulling Caravans, set within large tractor tyres, on either side of our new entrance; is our special nod, to our treasured, never to be forgotten wonderful Willenhall and all of our farming heritage. Our touring caravan sites Shropshire are truly remarkable. 

Amazing walks

From the entrance, an amazing footpath runs diagonally through the large field. Walking from one kissing gate, to another, takes you into Countryside Paradise.

A five-minute walk takes you to the glorious Shropshire Canals and Tow paths.

We also sit in the very heart of Shropshire’s Meres and Mosses. Two sailing clubs use two of the many meres surrounding Willenhall Way. Easily walkable, via the tow path Colemere and Whitemere a 5-minute drive away. Also sitting close by, is SSSI Fenns, Whixall and Bettisfield Moss. Our Wrexham camping sites location is something to boast about.

Campsite Pitches

Newly created, Willenhall Way is an exceedingly spacious park. There are 25 very large, hard standing pitches, with a lot of space in between pitches.

Children’s Leisure Area

To the side, is a very unusual Children’s/leisure area. Telegraph poles have been reused to form a boundary to two sides of this large rectangular space. 

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A ‘Welcome to Shropshire’ sign, nestles on the roadside verge, on the A495, only metres away from the new entrance to the park.

Home for our herd of dairy cows, is on a neighboring farm and is in Wales. The English/Wales border separates them both. The spirit of the park is built on ‘Sharing and Caring’, the beautiful, tranquil countryside with everyone.