To part with everything you have bred, treasured and loved, is one of the hardest moments of a dairy farmers life. Both of us, in total awe, of the amazing herd Willenhall has become.

The Willenhall Herd

Our name Willenhall came from our two homes. Willington and Little Hall. ‘Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way’, our trading logo. Those few words, pretty much sums us up. We have a strong Will, to always do the very best in everything we do especially our camp sites Shropshire.

Our cattle are intelligent, talented, calm and kind. This is where our Campsite takes its very special name from.

It has been our greatest pleasure to BELONG to a group of totally amazing people, who contribute so much to feeding our nation. Our total admiration goes to older farmers who have managed to keep our businesses going, no matter what we have faced, over the last few decades. To the younger generation, who embrace all the wonderful technology available in our modern world. We salute you all. Come check out the Willenhall herd at our camping sites near Wrexham. 

The Willenhall Herd Gallery

The farm

A ‘Welcome to Shropshire’ sign, nestles on the roadside verge, on the A495, only metres away from the new entrance to the park.

Home for our herd of dairy cows, is on a neighboring farm and is in Wales. The English/Wales border separates them both. The spirit of the park is built on ‘Sharing and Caring’, the beautiful, tranquil countryside with everyone.

It is just over 60 years since Edwards Cows have paid the rent at Little Hall Farm, on the outskirts of Bettisfield. Our farm straddles both England and Wales, with the ‘Welcome to Wales’, signpost 300 metres away from the farm.