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Walk Number 1

Approx 1.4miles

Starting from the layby outside Corner Farm.

  1. Looking at the farm go through  he kissing gate on your right.
  2. Immediately go through the next kissing gate on your right.
  3. From here walk diagonally across the field, you will see a  very dark tree in the corner of the field to the right of which you will find the third kissing gate.
  4. Go through into the next field, now looking across this field you will see a large oak tree before which you will see the next kissing gate.
  5. When you reach this please note! at the left-hand side of this kissing gate you will find an old concrete post and strainer post. You are standing on what was the Old Cambrian Railway Track from Whitchurch to Welshpool closed on 18-1-1965.
  6. Now go uphill keeping the oak tree on your right from here you will see a style in the hedgerow ahead and a wooden gate on the right in a fence. You want the style on this walk.
  7. After climbing the style turn immediately left and follow the hedge downhill, after a short while you will see the next style, cross this and keeping the fence on your left you will now see the last style of this walk ahead.
  8. You are now on Rowe Lane, turn immediately left and follow the lane, you will shortly climb an old railway bridge shortly after which you will come to a junction.
  9. At this junction keeping left following the lane you will shortly come to a brick structure on your right which again is the one remaining abutment of a bridge on the abandoned railway line. Continuing on for a few hundred yards you will come to a crossroads. Turning left here, you are now only a few yards from your start point at Corner Farm.

Congratulations you have now completed your walk