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Walk Number 2

Approx 2.6miles

Circular walk to The Sun and back.

Start from the layby outside Corner Farm.

  1. Looking at the farm go through the kissing gate on your right and immediately through the
    next into the field
  2. From here walk diagonally across the field, you will see a very dark tree in the corner of
    the field to the right of which you will find the third kissing gate.
  3. Go through into the next field, now looking across this you will see a large oak tree before
    which you see the next kissing gate.
  4. As you pass through this please note at the left-hand side of this kissing gate you will find
    an old concrete post and strainer post. You are now standing on what was the Old Cambrian
    Railway Track from Whitchurch to Welshpool which was closed on the 18-1-1965.
  5. Go uphill keeping the oak tree on your right, from here you will see ahead of you a
    hedgerow joined by a fence, in the fence you will find an old wooden gate, and to the left a style,
    you want to go through the gate.
    At this point turn around and take in the views, you are in Shropshire, looking right you are
    looking into Wales.
  6. Now follow the hedge on your left-hand side, at the end of the hedge keep going in the
    same direction and you will shortly come to a track which is a Bridleway, turn right and follow
    the bridleway you will now pass a small Spinney on the right. Continue on the bridleway until
    you come out onto a road, this is the B5063.
  7. Now turn right keeping to the right-hand side of the road walking slightly uphill, just
    before the junction cross over to the pavement and at the junction turn left, you will now see the
    Sun Inn on the right-hand side of the road.
  8. Coming out of the Sun Inn turn left and keep going along the A495, until you come to the
    Station Road Garage, now carefully cross the road and follow the pavement until you come to a
    small group of houses.
  9. Keeping right you now go up a track, (Bridleway). Follow this track until it ends in a
    private garden where directly ahead you will see a style.
  10. Cross the style into the field and go diagonally to your right to join a fence, follow this until
    you come to a gate at which point you have now joined the path on your outward walk.
  11. Turn left and retrace your steps downhill to the kissing gate keeping the oak tree on your
    left and through the kissing gate.
  12. Now walking slightly to your right, you will come to the next kissing gate.
  13. From here you go diagonally back to Corner Farm and out onto the road through the two
    last remaining kissing gates.