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Walk Number 5

Approx 7.2 miles

Circular Walk to Hanmer

  1. With your back to the farm turn right walking on the verge to the crossroads and turn left walking into the Village of Breadon Heath until you come to a lane on your right.
  2. Turn right into this lane and shortly you will turn left onto a concrete track/ driveway, after about 100yds, take the style on your left into the field.
  3. Turn right following the hedge and ahead you will see the next style under a Oak tree. From here walking straight ahead to the next style where you come out onto another lane/track.
  4. Walk straight ahead up this track to the entrance of Ashes House, walking through their gate straight ahead across their lawn to a kissing gate.
  5. From here you walk diagonally to the far-left hand corner of the field and out through a farm gate onto a lane, called Butlers Bank.
  6. Turning right you follow the lane keeping right at the junction uphill untill you come to a farm entrance, (Hill Farm). Note, stop here and look at the views across the fields it is a wonderful landscape looking towards the Welsh hills etc,
  7. Now turn right and walk up the farm track to a very large gate which you need to pass through to continue up the track. (can be quite muddy). At the end of which you will find a style on your left. (this area is called the Werrion).
  8. Having crossed the style following the hedgerow on your right, then continue between two Oak trees across an open field to a style ahead.
  9. Ahead in the distance you will see a farm, (Wood Farm) walk towards this but keep to the left side of the property fence as you approach it, upon reaching the fence follow it around with the fence on your right until you see a kissing gate in the corner. Pass through this and the next gate directly opposite into a field.
  10. Here you walk straight ahead towards a valley in the tree line, you will pass a dead Oak tree on your right by a pond, cont, straight ahead towards a fence. Here you head for the right-hand end of the fence ahead and cont, on with the fence on your left, take care now because of the steep slope on your right walking along the fenceline untill you come to the next kissing gate. (note the wood on your right is called Scrape Wood).
  11. Now walk ahead along the valley bottom and shortly you will come to another kissing gate which takes you out onto a country lane, here turn right and follow this lane for quite a long way where eventually it comes out onto the A 539.
  12. Crossing this road turn right on the pavement towards Hanmer, take the next right which takes you down into the Village. You will shortly see the church on your left, and then you will see the Mere on your right. Cont, on the pavement to the junction where we cross over to the right to an old wooden kissing gate leading to the Mere. (if you turn left at the junction you will shortly find the Hanmer Arms Pub on your left).
  13. Having passed through this gate follow the path with the sheltered housing on your left to another kissing gate into a wood, cont, on the path through the wood to the next kissing gate.
  14. From here you follow along the Mere side to another kissing gate again you cont, on along the Mere side until you come to a farm gate at which point you turn immediately left keeping the hedgerow on your right uphill to the next kissing gate.
  15. Coming out of this gate turn immediately right on a lane and follow this and after rounding a sharp corner to your left you come to another kissing gate on your right, passing through you turn immediately left and after about 50 yards you pass through another kissing gate into a wood.
  16. Now follow the path through the wood until you come to a style and out onto a field, now cont, with the wood on your left until you come to the next style. From here cont, alongside the wood to the next style.
  17. Now go diagonally left to next style cross this, then go diagonally right uphill you will see a way marker on a post under a tree, keep going uphill to a style on the Horizon and cross over it.
  18. Crossing the style go diagonally left downhill to a wooden gate in a very thick hedge, pass through this and turn immediately left, slightly to the right of the corner you will find another style hidden in the hedgerow,
  19. Now turn right over the style and follow the hedge on the right to the top of the bank and then go diagonally left to an Oak tree and diagonally on to a style in the hedgerow crossing the style and a small bridge turn immediately right following the hedgerow. At the end of the hedgerow go diagonally left towards a very old Oak tree in the opposite hedge turning right then follow the hedge until you reach the next style crossing this and a bridge.
  20. Now walking parallel to the fence aim for the electric pylon on the horizon. Carry on over the top of bank in the field and down slightly left to a style in a wire fence line ahead which appears between two properties, now go slightly right to another style out onto a lane.
  21. Walk onwards down this lane to the junction, turn left walking back through the village of Breadon Heath to the crossroads, cross the main road and now turning right walking on the verge you arrive at Willenhall Way.

You have now completed your walk.

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